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The Prism

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 Availabe in 2ft and 4ft lengths

Our 3D prism whip has 300 functions!  Formerly known as "The Psycho", the prism has 3 light strips instead of 2. Functions include: chasing patriot, static patriot, strobe, pong, and much more. Made from the same LED strip that we use for our Lighted Camp Locator. You name it, and it probably does it.

Only available in the 4 ft length. are 3X brighter than the competition. Our LED strips are held together by clear heat shrink to keep them from delaminating due to the heat and motion that is caused by the moment of the off-road environment. We also secure each strip in the tube with O-rings to further protect them from vibration and movement in the harsh outdoor environment. We Use 1-inch polycarbonate tube on both the 6 ft and 4 ft lengths to further reduce the motion of the light. Our quick disconnect base is made of stainless steel and the power connection is made to be virtually indestructible. We also include a dust cap to cover the base when not in use. Our flag has been tested to 100 mph without fraying. These are made with the best quality components because we understand the frustration that a broken LED lighted whip can keep you from enjoying your time off-road.

Product Details
Dust Cap Included
Flag Included
Quick Disconnect Included
Remote Control + Battery Included

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